The future of the PlayStation?

Made for a day before the launch of the PS4 – obviously didn’t have a picture of the ‘new’ console. So made this as a sort of taster… Headline read: ‘Free games? No discs? What will the PS4 be like?’

Cleaning Brian Epstein

Original scratched up version below – it’s been a tad over styled for the feel of the programme I produced this for – but also helped with tending to some of the lost image distortion.

The day I finally lost my mind

… and it was beautiful. Incidentally – this is where most of my work shows up, I just thought this would look better in situ. It’s a set of two high-res pictures comped together FYI… oh and it’s the cat picture… as if you didn’t know that.

Andes mountains

This was the image before. Colour balance, levels, bit of masking. Pretty simple stuff, but can make a huge difference.

Education, education, education

For a programme documenting the effectiveness of Tony Blair’s education reforms and how graduates today possibly have less opportunity. Thanks to Monkey Dust for the inspiration.

Subo v Hathaway

Sometimes I leave work wondering what the hell did I do that for? This is one of those days. Something about a singing competition I think.  

Golden Globes – Dresses, women, clickability

I do a lot of these things but rarely publish them in my portfolio, I don’t know why, they require as much skill as some of the more exciting things. Most websites like to cut people out of split them, but why not use the background? I guess it might just be a question of […]

Top 50 January transfer targets

Something I love doing – sports composites… I usually try to keep things to reality as they are for live matches, but give me a chance to do a ‘Sky Sports’ type job? I’ll bite your hand off.

Can spices really cure a hangover?

Probably not. that’s said, I had to make something for it in about twenty minutes, quite liked the end result. The image is made from two separate images – neither were quite white, but thats easy enough I guess. It’s mostly about image choice, that’s the tough bit.

Colouring Rocky

So yeah, I needed a colour still from rocky, but only had a black and white picture… so I coloured it in Original below!

Editing Rihanna

She’s a beautiful woman – so not much needed doing, but here’s the original below… Oh and her being sexy too – why not?

All aboard the showboat!

Yeah – I had no pictures of showboats, so I had to improvise with one from the 1992 Superbowl or similar. Either way – this is the final result, ten layers later. Oh and here’s the offending starting point below –  

Mars on Earth

Here’s an image I did for Glenelg in Scotland being twinning with the area named Glenelg on Mars…  

Strictly line-up revealed!

Strictly Come Dancing superpromo

Yeah, ahem… this was after I did know who they were…   This was very tricky, pretty much most of it had to be cut out by hand… or pen tool if you will. Had to be completed in an hour due to deadline, so not perfect.